International students

Rybners Gymnasium is a modern high school which offers a wide variety of both academic and extra-curricular activities. It is situated in Esbjerg close to our central park and many of the city’s sports facilities. Today it holds approximately 1300 students from their 1st to their 3rd year of high school.

At Rybners we offer an all-round education combined with several extra-curricular activities e.g. concerts, sports, dances, balls, student clubs etc.

You can read more about the danish education system on this website from the Danish Department of Education (UVM)

The student council
The student council (elevrådet) is made up by elected representatives from each class. They present students' interests and are present at a variety of school meetings. The student council has open meetings every week.

Neptun is also a student club. Here you are elected at their general assembly which takes place twice a year, right after the summer vacation and right after Christmas. Neptun organizes the school dances, which are very popular.

Dances and balls
There are several dances during the year, but only one prom (Gallafesten). At Rybners "Gallafesten" is an old tradition where students, parents and teachers have a festive evening together.

After a concert and dinner, the parents watch the studenst dance the Lanciers and finally several dance floors which appeal to different tastes in music make it possible for everybody to "hit the dance floor". "Gallafesten" takes place in March.


At Rybners it is possible to participate in extra-curricular sports and tournaments. If you are interested contact one of our P.E. teachers. In general, information about these arrangements are posted on Lectio.

Music, bands and theater
Together students and teachers plan musical activities during the scholastic year. If you are interested in participating contact one of our music teachers and check out Lectio. Rybners has established a partnership with Esbjerg Academy of Music, which gives our students a direct access to their professional activities.

Extra help from other students
On Tuesdays and thursdays, in the aula from 3pm to 4.30 pm, our students are offered extra help with their homework. The tutors are 3rd year students. Being an international student it might ve a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity.

Other academic activities 

Field trips
All students at Rybners are offerede both national and international field trips - currently - in the second year - there are 3 destinations to choose from if you are particular interested in language: Spain, France and Berlin. When you are a 3rd year student there is a 5-7-day international field trip. 

Multi-subject coursework (Almen studieforberedelse, AT)
Almen studieforberedelse is "interdisciplinary coursework at upper-secondary level preparing the student for further studies at higher education level. The coursework links Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social and Behavioural Sciences". At Rybners the students have multi-subject coursework weeks where the "normal" classes have been replaced by a tematic multi-subject coursework. Depending on the themes we might provide our international students with alternative themes of relevance to your stay in Denmark.

Academic calendar / exams / grades
Being an international student you are expected to participate in your classen, turn in your papers, and prepare your homework in general. The teachers will take your "linguistic challenges" into consideration, when they evaluate your performance. Many will put an emphasis on your willingsness to participate. As your Danish progresse you will slowly feel that it becomes easier to be a "Dansih high school student". Discuss your situation with your teachers and make arrangements. The students receive their evaluations in November, February, and June.

Practical information

Computer facilities
At Rybners you will have access to our computers. When you arrive you will receive passwords, which enable you to use our internal communication systems. If you prefer to use your own laptop, all our classrooms have wireless network.

Information- and communication system
Lectio is our internal communication system where we post our daily schedules. Your schedules are not fixed, so you have to check Lectio every day for changes / cancellations etc.

We have lockers in the basement. Contact the janitor. There is a 50 kr. deposit.